Senior Dialogue Designer - Sony Interactive Entertainment

  • Project assessment for improvements on dialogue pipelines and debugging tools.
  • Automation for dialogue implementation from Localization tools to engine.
  • Collaborate with Design, Narrative, AI and Localisation to create tools to implement dialogue for  runtime playback, organize assets, debugging and asset tracking.
  • Production support for casting and organizing recording sessions, establishing standardized pipelines for deliverables.


Senior Dialogue Designer - Frontier Developments

  • Collaborate with Design, Narrative, AI and Localisation to create tools to implement dialogue for  runtime playback, organise assets, debugging and asset tracking.
  • Casting and voice directing during recording sessions.
  • Recording, editing, processing and mastering of dialogue assets. 
  • Designing node based dialogue systems for ambient conversations.
  • Designing AI driven dialogue systems.
  • Design, prototyping and implementation of crowd and breathing systems.
  • Implement dialogue in engine and in Wwise using pipelines for automation.


Sound Designer - Frontier Developments

  • Recording  and creating sound design for different in game assets such as vehicles and  ambiences.
  • Audio implementation using Wwise.
  • 5.1 mixing and optimisation and profiling for better performance across different platforms (PC and consoles).


Audio QA Tester - Frontier Developments

  • Testing and reproducing audio bugs to provide feedback on audio issues. 
  • Propose improvements and audio optimisations by profiling using Wwise.


Freelance Sound Designer

  • Sound design and sound editing for films, animations and games.


Sound Design Teaching Assistant - Vancouver Film School

  • Provided technical support for students and staff  helping troubleshoot hardware or software issues.
  • 5.1 mixing stage and editing suites  maintenance and calibration.
  • Helped edit sound effects and dialogue for student films.


  • Dialogue recording, editing, processing and mastering
  • Voice directing
  • Dialogue tools design and implementation
  • Sound recording, editing and implementing


  • Reaper

  • Izotope RX

  • Izotope Insight

  • Pro Tools

  • Waves

  • Native Instruments

  • SoundToys

  • Jira


  • English

  • Spanish

  • Italian


Elite Dangerous: Odyssey - Frontier Developments

Dialogue systems design and in engine runtime playback integration.

Casting, voice recording supervision, dialogue implementation.

Elite Dangerous: Horizons - Frontier Developments

Sound design, recording and implementation for various assets in game like vehicles and ambiences.

Dialogue recording, editing and implementation. 

White Laboratory - Independent

Sound design for various assets in game assets and ambiences.

Sound Design/Dialogue-ADR Editor - Films

Worked as sound designer, dialogue and ADR editor in various films and animations:

  • Dialogue/ADR editor - Film: “Hastings Street”
  • Foley Supervisor/Foley Editor - Animation: “Lostopolis”
  • Foley recordist - Film: “I Saw You”
  • Dialogue/ADR Editor, ADR Supervisor - Film: “Justice”
  • Assistant ADR Editor - Film: “Love at the Thanksgiving Parade” 



Vancouver Film School

Sound Design for Visual Media


Universidad Francisco Marroquin

Bachelor Degree in Human Resources Management



Wwise 101 User Certification

Berklee College of Music Online

Certificate in Music Production and Sound Design

International Film, Television and Music Academy (IFFMA) Sound Design Masterclasses